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Tips For Celebrating National Save Your Hearing Day With Loved Ones


National Save Your Hearing Day is a fantastic annual holiday that celebrates the importance of one of the most underrated senses: hearing. It is actually one of the most important senses and serves an even more vital function that many people realize in helping humans function and communicate with each other.

Unfortunately, many people unintentionally damage their own hearing without realizing what the consequences of their harmful actions will be. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, noise-induced hearing loss is a big problem, and people may cause their own hearing loss by listening to music too loud. Follow these tips to celebrate this important holiday.

Send Flowers to the Special Someone in Your Life

The awesome thing about National Save Your Hearing Day is that it makes it easy to open a dialogue about how important hearing is and how we can avoid everyday damage to this part of our bodies. When you send flowers on the holiday, be sure to include a note about why you think the day is important and why you chose that person for a bouquet on the holiday.

Flowers are fun when they are unexpected, and it's a safe bet that your special someone will probably not be expecting flowers for National Save Your Hearing Day. That will make it all the more likely that they will seriously consider your sweet and serious message of protecting their sense of hearing. Places like Karen's Flower Shop can help you find the right flowers for the occasion. 

Plan a Family Meeting to Discuss the Holiday

Teenagers need to hear the message of National Save Your Hearing Day more than anyone else. Teens often listen to loud music with headphones over their ears, and they can start the damage to their hearing very young. Although hearing loss can be caused by many things, repeated, long-term exposure to high decibel noises (such as blaring music) can result in hearing loss.

Set up the family meeting to be as fun as possible for kids. You may set out a floral arrangement and arrange snack stations so kids can fix their own plate of snacks as they join in the discussion. You may want to even set up little display stations to show safe levels of noise and what sort of levels may be damaging. As you show your interest in protecting your kids' hearing in a caring way, they are likely to take this holiday seriously, too.

Finally, keep in mind that the overall goal of National Save Your Hearing Day is to help one another take better care of the sense of hearing. It also is important to raise awareness of how important it is to get help if you are suffering with hearing loss. When you celebrate this holiday, you are joining part of the solution to help those you love take better care of their hearing and appreciate this sense to the fullest. 


21 May 2017