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Helping to plan my little sister's wedding was awesome! I hadn't spent that much time with my sister since we were young. One of my favorite parts of planning the wedding was going to the different florists looking at all of the beautiful flowers and getting ideas for arrangements. We took a very long time to decide what she was going to choose for her wedding. During that time, I learned a lot about the cost of flower, the availability during different seasons and some stunning arrangement options. Visit our blog to see what her flowers looked like and learn everything that I have about choosing wedding flowers.

Selecting the Best Floral Arrangement for a Hospital Patient


When a loved one goes into the hospital, a thoughtful gift can be given to help them realize you are thinking about them as they are healing. Many people send floral arrangements to a hospital patient to show sympathy and support for their situation. Flowers often give a boost to the spirits of both the patient and their visitors. Here are some guidelines to use when selecting a floral arrangement for a hospital patient.

Keep Size in Check

While giving a large arrangement will definitely be seen without trouble, it may pose to be more of a nuisance than a smaller arrangement. Flowers are usually placed on a table or on a ledge so the patient can view them easily. If the arrangement is too large, it may take up too much of the table space the patient has available. With food trays, television remote controls, and personal belongings, it may be in the way. Stick to a smaller arrangement so the recipient can easily move it out of the way if needed.

Select Easy to Care for Flowers

Flowers with woody stems are easiest to care for because moisture is drawn upward toward the bloom without much preparation. Roses or azaleas are two great choices that need minimal care. Tell your loved one to ask a nurse to clip the stem diagonally to aid in water distribution. Also have your loved one remove any leaves that get into the vase so they do not contaminate the water with bacteria. These plants do not require additional help, making them great floral choices for someone who does not have time to care for them constantly.

Keep Health in Mind

If you are able, bring the flowers into the hospital yourself. This way, you can inspect the stems and leaves for insects or debris beforehand. You can rinse the flowers and return them to the enclosure, knowing you are bringing in a gift that will not be harmful in any way. Select flowers where pollen is not exposed to help reduce allergic reactions. Chrysanthemums, roses and carnations are all great choices. If you know your loved one is allergic to flowers, think about giving them a houseplant instead.

Pick the Right Container

Consider an arrangement with a container your loved one can reuse after they are released from the hospital. A small wicker basket, a whimsical bowl, or a colorful vase can be used with other arrangements or for holding fruit or potpourri after the flowers have died. This is a great way for your loved one to remember your dedication in your care for them long after they return home.

If you have any other questions about choosing flowers for a hospitalized loved one, consider calling a professional florist, such as Forest Hill Florist, for more suggestions.


4 February 2016