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Helping to plan my little sister's wedding was awesome! I hadn't spent that much time with my sister since we were young. One of my favorite parts of planning the wedding was going to the different florists looking at all of the beautiful flowers and getting ideas for arrangements. We took a very long time to decide what she was going to choose for her wedding. During that time, I learned a lot about the cost of flower, the availability during different seasons and some stunning arrangement options. Visit our blog to see what her flowers looked like and learn everything that I have about choosing wedding flowers.

Say It With Flowers: Three Random Times To Have Flowers Delivered


Sure, it's conventional to have flowers delivered for your special someone on Valentine's Day, your anniversary and her birthday, but you hardly have to stick to these three occasions to give flowers. In fact, receiving flowers at the door can often mean more when your wife or girlfriend doesn't see them coming. Here's a look at three times your surprise gift of flowers will have a huge impact.

Going Away

Whether you're heading off on a business trip or hitting the road for a guys' weekend with friends, add buying some flowers to your list of pre-trip planning. Before you leave, arrange to have a bouquet of flowers delivered either on the day you leave or on the day you plan to arrive home. The type of flowers you pick is entirely dependent on your budget and style preferences, but even a simple gift of a single flower can make the day of the woman in your life. Don't forget a thoughtfully worded note. When you're leaving, write something such as "Hope you enjoy the quiet time without me. I'll be thinking of you and sending my love." When you're due to arrive home, write "Here's a smile for you ... and I can't wait to see your smile later today."

Extra Help

Even if you and your partner strive to perform household tasks equally, there can be times in which one person ends up handling the lion's share of the duties because the other is preoccupied. If you've been working late or handling a side project that has limited your ability to contribute to dishes, cooking and laundry, show that you understand the situation by having some flowers delivered. Include a note that expresses your acknowledgement that your partner is picking up the slack. For example, write "Please know how much I appreciate all the extra work you're doing since I took on this extra project at work. I can't wait till things settle down so we can work together again."

Date Day

Scheduling special dates can help couples enjoy quality time together, and adding flowers to the occasion can get things started on the right foot. For example, if you've planned to enjoy dinner and a concert on a Friday night, arrange to have some flowers delivered to your wife's office on Friday afternoon. She'll already been anticipating the date, and the blooms will make the day even more special. Enclose a message such as "Can't wait to enjoy your beauty tonight. In the meantime, here's something beautiful for you."

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6 May 2015